The coronavirus has many of us reexamining our travel plans, attendance at international conferences and our preparedness to support a large number of remote workers should outbreak of the virus escalate further.

Accelerated Strategies Group launched a new research initiative, Health Emergency IT Preparedness Survey to empower of us to assess, decide and act based upon data. (Press Release)

The  Health Emergency IT Preparedness Survey is avaiable at and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Embodying our tenet “Knowledge wants to be free”, the research results will be widely shared at at no cost.

The HEITPS research has four main goals:

  1. Establish data to be used for risk assessment and decision making.
  2. Create a baseline we each can benchmark ourselves compared to other IT organizations.
  3. Understand the role and importance of technologies such as the cloud and online collaboration platforms. 
  4. Examine remote work/work at home policies in situations that might require large numbers or staff to work remotely. 

Through this research we anticipate answering questions like:

  1. Do current BC and DR plans hold up in a health emergency where large numbers of people may not be able to have direct, in-person contact?
  2. What technologies, such as the cloud and collaboration platforms, are critical to our strategies?
  3. Are we equipped with adequate remote work and work at home policies?
  4. Do we believe critical technologies, such as the cloud, SaaS and other large providers have the capacity to take on large numbers of users shifting to remote work?

The Health Emergency IT Preparedness Survey is co-sponsored by MediaOps, DevOps Institute, Jumpcloud and Accelerated Strategies Group.