We live in a rapidly accelerating and highly disruptive world, as evidenced by the fast-paced adoption of digital strategies and the many new startups and company acquisitions.

In January 2020, I launched Accelerated Strategies Group with my co-founder, Alan Shimel, with the mission to change the analyst game, much like we did in the security space when we launched StillSecure in 2001. Many talented analysts and experienced advisers joined us to produce outcome-focused research reports across DevOps, cloud-native, cybersecurity and digital transformation.

Today, I am excited to announce that Accelerated Strategies Group is joining Techstrong Group as Techstrong Research. Techstrong Group comprises multiple business units to provide outcome-focused content, research, events, education and certifications across DevOps, cloud, security and digital transformation.

Techstrong Group brings together successful organizations and leaders: MediaOps, led by Alan Shimel; DevOps Institute, led by Jayne Groll; Prospera Events, directed by Sean Lowry; and Accelerated Strategies Group, led by me.

Joining Techstrong Group brings together the strengths of these organizations and a powerful platform for innovative research by Techstrong Research. This move will also enable us to expand our analyst team to include the best analysts and leaders in the industry. Look for more exciting news in the coming days ahead about Techstrong Research.

Techstrong Group with Techstrong Research brings together influential leaders, engaged audiences and compelling content with new levels of value to practitioners and tech companies alike. I will serve as CTO of Techstrong Group but also continue as Principal of Techstrong Research. For me, Techstrong Research provides an even bigger stage to work with customers and share my career experiences implementing security and cloud products and in leading IT organizations in their adoption of DevOps, cloud-native architecture and new security technologies.

My thanks to our many customers and analysts and our established relationships that we will carry forward. Thank you for your support and for your business. Stay tuned for more as we continue to innovate and grow our Techstrong Research organization and offerings for even greater impact on the industry. Our journey together continues.