Today, we are delighted to announce the finalists of the DevOps Dozen² Awards 2021, celebrating the greatest innovators and their achievements in the DevOps space. Despite the many challenges of the past year, these individuals and companies have taken an active role in the DevOps community, demonstrating their leadership and commitment to the improvement of our industry. We had a record number of nominations this year which was terrific to see. It means even through the challenges of the last two years, the DevOps community has remained robust and active.

Congratulations to every one of the finalists—it is quite an honor to make it this far. All of your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

Without further ado, here are the finalists for the DevOps Dozen² Awards 2021:

DevOps Dozen Community Awards

1. Best DevOps Industry Implementation

2. Best DevOps Survey/Analysis/Research

3. Best DevOps-Related Video Series (video)

4. Best DevOps-Related Audio Podcast Series

5. Best DevOps Book/eBook of the Year

6. Top DevOps Evangelist

7. Best DevOps Transformation (non-vendor)

8. Best DevOps Virtual Event of the Year

9. Most Innovative DevOps Open Source Project

10. DevOps Executive of the Year (non-vendor)

11. Best DevOps Presentation of the Year

12. Best Article of the Year

DevOps Dozen Tools and Services Awards

1. Best End-to-End DevOps Tool/Service

2. Best DevOps Repo/GitOps Tool/Service

3. Best CI/CD Tool

4. Best Value Stream Management Tool

5. Best Observability Solution

6. Best DevSecOps Solution

7. Best Testing Service/Tool

8. Best Kubernetes Platform/Service

9. Best Cloud-Native Security Solution/Service

10. Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution

11. Best DevOps for DataOps/Database Solution

12. Best New DevOps Tool/Service Provider

Finalists were picked by the judges and also based on which entry had the most nominations. Every single finalist will receive a badge to display on their website and social media with a link to the voting/survey site.

Voting for the winners in all 24 categories is now open to the public. To vote for the leaders, tools and companies you think are truly deserving of an award for their exceptional service to the DevOps community, please visit the DevOps Dozen² website.

Winners will be chosen from among the finalists, with general public voting weighted for 40% of the final score and our judges’ selections for 60% of the final score. The deadline for public voting is Dec. 31 and the judges’ determinations will follow shortly thereafter.

The winners will be announced at the Predict 2022 Virtual Summit Jan. 20 and will receive both digital badges and physical trophies celebrating their achievements.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the DevOps Dozen² Awards by nominating candidates and voting. Good luck to all the finalists!