Techstrong Research polled our community of DevOps, cloud native, cybersecurity and digital transformation readers and viewers to take their pulse on their approach to cloud application modernization. The survey results indicate that application modernization is the top priority for respondents, closely followed by migrating more applications, improving DevOps performance and increasing security.

Application modernization remains a hot topic for a variety of reasons, including the need to increase business agility and address the scalability issues inherent in monolithic applications. The advent of cloud services provided a ready platform for modernizing applications, and the variety of cloud-native services provides the flexibility to support modernization across the spectrum from lift and shift to refactoring to a complete rearchitecture of the application. In fact, in a recent PulseMeter, we found 36% of respondents most frequently used lift and shift for modernization and another 30% refactored the application most often.

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