FASTER THAN MANY EXPECTED, multicloud has pushed through the industry hypecycle, becoming a credible cornerstone for modern DevOps efforts. Consuming services from multiple providers has become a mainstream staple for economically and securely producing, releasing, updating, and managing quality software across modern, distributed, heterogenous IT environments.

Today’s cloud services market offers a dizzying array of choices – not just from Big 3 hyperscalers AWS, Microsoft and Google – but from legacy technology firms like IBM and Oracle, as well as from increasingly popular pure-play “alternative” CSP’s that until now have been under the radar of many enterprise recommenders and buyers. This growing range of options makes now an ideal time to freshly assess strategies in this increasingly important area.

The research report, commissioned by Linode, investigates:

  • The fast growth of cloud and multi-cloud in DevOps
  • While hyperscalers dominate, many companies are choosing alternative CSPs
  • How the lack of options, high costs and mistrust are driving the search for additional CSPs
  • The reasons why you should add a cloud infrastructure provider