Finance and accounting (F&A) systems are critical for every organization’s operations, enabling accurate and timely financial reporting, forecasting, budgeting and overall business decision-making. Traditionally, these systems were managed on-premises, safeguarding sensitive financial information within corporate boundaries. However, evolving F&A system capabilities and increasing business complexities necessitate transitioning toward more flexible, scalable and cost-effective solutions. Despite the rising trend of cloud-based application modernization, historically, migrating F&A data to the cloud has faced resistance, primarily driven by concerns over data security, potential loss of control and regulatory compliance issues.

Techstrong Research polled our community of DevOps, cloud native, cybersecurity and digital transformation readers and viewers to take their pulse on modernizing F&A systems. Over a third (38%) of respondents still platform on-premises, and over half plan to move their finance systems to the cloud within the next two years.

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